Rope Bridge

I should reinvent myself
I don't know why though
Because when I keep trying to upgrade
I just fail another inspection
I make sure that my friends find what they need first
If we're all crossing the rope bridge to success, I'll risk being last for them
Because I know if that bridge breaks before I get to that place
I will find a new way across eventually
It may seem like I'm passive in nature
But perhaps I'm very active in my future
Every time I get bogged down or stressed out
I want to yank all the stops and skyrocket to another dimension
I want to secure my place in history: a hard goal
Especially when your worth constantly decreases after each improvement like technology
I'm growing older, but I'm still younger than those older than me
I'm growing stronger, but there is always someone who can do more
I'm so positive, that people see that as a negative
What is it about me that leaves a bad taste in their mouth?
I thought living above average and excelling was the dream
Seems I'd be better off in second class
Why am I so fascinated with change?
As a kid I'd always look around to see who was taller than me
Knowing one day hopefully I'd be taller than them
A while back, I wanted to mature and be treated with respect
Because all I knew were towering authorities ascending miles above
Now, as I enter my adult years I loiter in an existential loft
Time is of the essence and there is so much left to be done
Not for them, but for me
I get that mental reward when I take a step further
And they say, he's so motivated and dedicated
But, why are those comments most prevalent when I fail?

Ship Wreck

I imagine you next door, calling me from your second story window
The tone is ambitious as if you want something from me you're not sure you can have
But if it is something that you're after I'm sure that I can provide
Long lost us - a destined combination
We both jumped from our perils
For me: her
For you: I'd like to say him but I can't
Maybe that's why you can't be 100% real with me
I'm stuck rendered as an action less super hero trying to steal you from evil
I hear you say things you never said but I swear I hear them
Little secrets like: I'm leaving this hotel soon and I'll need a taxi
Translated as: I'm leaving him soon and I want you to sweep me off my feet
You’re in my midst out of bravery
No one in their right mind would be here like you are
Perhaps you see beyond the risk...

I hold a face that produces no honey in the hive
To dive into your love gives me a place to hide
I hold a mind that has seen a day or too better
I look into your mind and see cloudiness never
I'd die a thousand deaths to have you say now it's you I want more

You can't tell me I must stop
You can't tell me this isn't love
I know how I feel about her
And if I listen to another things won't change
I know you in a limited way
Perhaps I can know myself better if you open yourself to me
I look in the mirror
What I see in the reflection is a man who hasn't felt much
Neglect, no, but a lot can be explained
I don't want to move another muscle
Knowing you aren't walking with me
I've been lead off of a cliff blindfolded in the past
And the truth is she is one of your best friends