Rain Speaks Of Anvils

Cloaked in new light this morn
Neglected voice of wisdom: worn skin must shed
Feel the chisel dig at side, the etch of living breath
Taking unfamiliar corners, warmth of unchartered sound
Choice to born the mind that embraces transition
Doubting any philosophies of regress apply here
As a milestone for most, toasting such boastful growth
No novice they'll notice, noted joyous above prone, now
Rightfully these confident words he'll speak
They can say they knew him back when he was nowhere near his peak
Few of those can climb far enough to be where
This man plans to trek he will trust, less beware
Looking for the face believing no intention unjust
With a painting of smiles, other side provides his prize
There comes a time when lad wishes to cast his anchor
No longer one thing to every, but everything to one
All things point to a rare nest of benevolence
Waiting patiently to find an object so inspiring
Beauty, personality.. a caring soul
Positive energy, lovely, the respect for most
The definitive of never wanting to leave their side
For her, eventually, his sole purpose due
And winding up with more than she dream of true
An altered being of heart seeks to capture her spirit
Emotions surmount control reaching to hold hands
Perfect course shall bypass lost trail over sturdy bridge
Struck like awakened fate, rain speaks of anvils
Stained with indelible marks, a child has arrived



*Selected to be published in Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine: April 2010

Mechanical machines mutilating mental matter
Frivolously detonating our accepted social structure
From no-fi to wi-fi we promote the battle cry
We don't bleed blood, we leak oil when we rupture
Highly ironic, we dissolve as we evolve
Intentions were to reduce distance to increase us
Technologically speaking, communication needs tweaking
Can't boot me up, my 'battery' fully consumed
Is T9 the crime, was a roam charge our fate
You stare at a text while I stare at this empty plate
Signaling simple sympathy showing SMS significance
Forget overages, your apathy, I'm so over it
Your BlackBerry is a vulture feasting your dead end mind
Close your mouth darling, need only use your thumbs
Even if your speech at loss you can still get a point across
Most lame, the way you type on AIM not quite the same
As how you are in person, we must develop your offline self
Without World Wide Web wealth we weep withered wishes
Please notify my operator if you wish not see me later
I seek healthy relationship, sorry there's no app for that


She Writes The Song

She writes the song
Simple melodic tones producing a dream
A dream truly only seen by one being
A being still believing, who knows
That song soulfully speaks for him
She weaves her love into the chords
Only rich men cannot afford
To view what is two paces past tainted
Blank is the scribe with their lyrics
Many alike fear that her orchestration
Only the deaf can hear
The cadence of this passage so deep
She caresses the strings, playing again
Saying to him I found myself within
Your lonely score
Harmony lie nailed to a core
Their duet could provide eternity more
His leash denies two lovers tried
But much like sheep awfully shy
Come forth internal inside belief
Brevity beaut whisked away like leaf
He knows his place
Barriers yet erased
She writes the song


The Doctors Appointment / The Only Regrets

Back with some new material. This is a two part poem I started writing a while ago but I finally have it finished and I wanted to share it with my family/friends etc. Both of them are related to each other. The first poem is more of a story and the second poem answers it containing the real message. Hopefully some inspiration can be found from them. Comments appreciated!

The Doctors Appointment

He was, 5 minutes late
Glancing down at his watch he was already practicing his apology
A swift step inside the lobby, a rush in of the cold air
This old man had barely remembered to close the door behind

'What's Your Name?' questioned the receptionist
'Pardon me, late again' he announced
With a puzzled look on her face she tried to
Remember exactly where she knew him from

She handed him the paper work, he sat down without haste
Nearly knocking down a pyramid of blocks he caught his balance
Trying to collect his thoughts, he pulled out the card
Scribbled down the same responses, and put it back inside his coat pocket

'The Doctor will see you shortly' she said as he handed her the forms
'Tell him to take his time' the old man said with a smirk
As the old man had stepped back to reclaim his seat
The receptionist closed the glass window and thumbed for the phone

Twenty minutes later, the Doctor came into the waiting room
'Come on' he said; the old man rose to his feet
He anxiously followed behind him through the dimly lit hallway
He entered the same room on the same side as before

The two sat down as the Doctor pulled out the paper
'You know the drill' he said in an annoyed tone to the man
The old man took a minute, squinted at the fine print
At the bottom he signed his name, large and fearless

'Prognosis?' asked the old man as he coughed a little bit
'You should know' the Doctor said slightly rampant
'Everytime I come here you tell me the same thing'
'Everytime you come here I can't tell you any differently'

'I pay a good price just to keep my hopes alive'
'You pay a good price and I'm not sure why!'
'I hate to keep bothering but why can't you be straight with me?'
'We can't give you the help you want, old man'

'But isn't that your job, to give good help?'
'We're not in it for goodwill, just the business sir'
'Back in my day, good service meant standing by the customer'
'Well obviously, this is not your day sir'

The old man got up, took off his coat, feeling angst
The Doctor peered out the window because he couldn't understand
The old man sat down and rubbed a spot on his forehead
The Doctor crossed his legs impatiently, twittling his thumbs

'I remember when this place was under better management'
'Oh yeah? And how long ago was that old man?'
'Almost yesterday, they used to be straight with me'
'Well times have changed senile fool. Come back tomorrow, I'll say the same!'

'Why can't you guys operate how you used to?'
'It's obvious you're stuck in the past, old man'
'I just have a disease and I need medical attention'
'It's been made well clear we don't have your medicine'

'You have it, DAMMIT, and you can get it to me'
'We don't have anything positive for you here'
'Soon I might die if you don't help me out'
'The competition is still just down the street'

'They don't have the medicine I need'
'How do you know if you haven't contacted them?'
'I'm well aware, their remedies don't do the trick'
'Are you saying that because you're sure that you know?'

'Why does one have to explain if what they have...'
'Had, nothing you had here will ever be the same'
'I'm not sure what made you have to go and...'
'LOOK, before you whine and complain face the facts...NOTHING we can do'

The old man started to shed a small tear
Ironically pulled out a white handkercheif, a surrender to times
Standing once again, he stormed out without manners
Slammed the door behind, his soul burned slow

The Only Regrets

The medicine was hope, the medicine was action
The medicine was an attempt to rise above the chaos
The mask is a burden to those closed to solution
The medicine is rare but infinitely valuable

Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes
But not all are mature enough to try righting a wrong
The only regrets lie where we don't make an impact
Pain is temporary but character is immortal

Injury is learning, resilience to be expected
Most fascinating is a notion to seek new answers
Do our scabs break if we let it die within the other?
Knowing we didn't do all we could to help them survive

Forgiveness is a bold step, a regrip to vulnerability
Where would mankind be if we truly lived harmonious?
Go back in time, find where you cut into another
Have you fully healed from their bones that were broken?


The past has passed and nothing can change that
That foundation has been paved, solidified, yet remains
Even though we feel as if it is weak legs we stand on
All we can hope for is to be strong enough to break down
Our faults clean, stability rehonored
Contentment achieved from impartially accepting the truth
Not only shall we move on, we'll move up
To where we cant see the bottom though aware of its existence

Rebuilding is truly a methodical process
It takes a drive and a blue print, a will and a way
But the way must be discovered to channel the will
Encouraging ourselves, we search for the light
In order to appreciate the light we must endure the darkness
Understand nothing is of value unless we know no value
Our attitudes must thirst for the heart to be humble
Realize that we'll never know everything ever
Obstacles still hide within the clear path we see
They lie and lie deep but we'll pass on by
Sheer confidence knowing 'more' was meant for us
Respect the true self within, let THAT shine on through
Because this is the point in life where a real gain is assumed
The moment further witness our potential as people
To those contest, we'll just take the broader scope
Obviously advancing a radically different structure
We pick to build this for a lifetime of shelter
Sure enough our last would falter in any storm
It's possible this new construction stands the test of time
But the key is knowing when to patch or renovate
The best builder is not too proud to admit mistakes
Share the trials with those that are willing to learn
So hopefully, more will find the proper process
Accept the vision as a blessing, we correct our steps
And live on, better than we last did

He Is Like

*Selected to be published in Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine: April 2010

He was like that kid that fell and scraped his arm...
He was like that boy that got stuffed in his locker by bullies...
He was like that guy that lost an arm wrestling contest...

He was like the sailboat that lacked the wind to continue...
He was like the water in the dam that no longer flows...
He was like the car going 55 that suddenly crashed off the side of the road...

He was like a candle that got blown out...
He was like a shovel that could dig no deeper...
He was like a blade of grass that was picked and disposed for no reason...


He was like a bird that would die so you could eat...
He was like a piece of wood taking the burn so you could stay warm...
He was like a punching bag willing to yield the pain so that you could get stronger...

He was like a garage that would take being weathered just to keep you protected...
He was like a crayon that would let you draw with your imagination...
He was like a book allowing you to learn as much as you applied...

He was like the directions you could have read first before using...
He was like the staple that only knew how to hold it together...
He was like the ribbon in your hair that allowed you to look better without covering anything up...


He was like that smile on your face when you first fell in love...
He was like that feeling in your heart when you trusted that instead of your mind...
He was like that calculator that usually gave you the right answer...

He was like the puppy that got older and lost appeal...
He was like the prized possession that you lost in the fire...
He was like the stock you sold because it was losing you money...

He was like the pillow you held for comfort...
He was like the yo yo that you dropped but came right back...
He was like the insurance company, being there for you if something went wrong...


He is like a blank check you accidentally threw in the trash...
He is like a new escalator but you would rather take the stairs...
He is like a lucky shirt you gave away that just turned lucky...

He is like that guitar with new strings that you traded...
He is like that important class you skipped because it wasn't mandatory...
He is like that long line that you left when they were letting everyone in a minute later...

He is like a hidden bridge to a paradise that you imploded...
He is like a song that used to annoy you but now it's a timeless classic...
He is like a plug you pulled right when the coma was almost over and survival was promising...


If Anyone Asks

If anyone asks how I became the way I am, I will tell them: it is you

Back then nothing known, a blank canvas, I recall
How I would be quick to take, hesitant to give
Evidence shown a boy would have a lot to learn
Though it's apparent you are the model of how He needs me to be
The lessons you've taught go far beyond my understanding
Your caring nature seldom seen among many I meet
The purpose of life you've shown me means much more than
Anything I could have known, before your love
Many people have come and gone, but you, you're still here
Through the worst of arguments, and throughout my progression
You remained constant, you've always been constant-ly
On my back, for me to scold doubt and give my best
So manifest, anything I do is gold to you at the least
Even if I fail nothing more was asked than my effort
It's not what I prove that counts, but better: what I could show
And that's what separates you from all the others!
Each day in life with you you make me that much stronger
I know you count on me, to let you know, I feel the same
I know I can count on you until the end of eternity
How could I ever set you aside, you cant be replaced
No tragedy or tempest can set us East and West
Blessed me with humor and smiles, a full commitment
You even quit your day job just so we could spend more time
I know I leave you lonely, we live in what seems two separate worlds
But I carry around your spirit, wherever I go
Along with that, the memories plus how you shaped me
You witnessed history, as I crossed bridges from boy to man
From day one, you've shown me more than a tender love
You are the one which all others are most certainly judged
You held my hand whenever, I got sick
You were there for every event even if, you were sick
You make grilled cheese and hot cocoa whenever it snows
We inspire ourselves, you know, we're both artists
When I act silly, you're always one up on the silly
Im so at ease with you, you're always in a cheery mood
You've carried me across both literally and figuratively
Collectively we've experienced many heartbreaks
But I promise, although I've yet to find another love...
I am your product, and it will happen!

You took my picture, on the first day of school
Even back then, you were more than the person I admired
No matter what I did, I always had a number one fan
You taught me properly how to be there for another
So when I find Miss Right, I can show the same love that my mother
Showed me, as a child, you held me in your arms and
When I have kids, I want to raise them just like you did
And if one day they ask: 'Dad, how did you become the way you are'?
I will tell them: ask your grandmother

Are You Her?

I'm looking for a girl who can try to put me before herself.
She isn't happy unless I'm happy.
She supports me, even has the new album on her IPod and is probably trying to learn the lyrics right now as we speak.

I want to know, are you her?

I'm looking for a girl who loves to snuggle up and watch a funny movie.
She knows that when we're together, nothing else she could do is important at that time.
She knows that I had a long day and she wants to hear all about it while she plays with my hair.

I want to know, are you her?

She would be the biggest fan of anything I'm into and she wouldn't stop until she became that. She would listen well and we could talk about anything, even deep things.
She could handle my feelings and know how to make me feel because she prides herself as being the most caring, sweet, and dependable one around.

I want to know, are you her?

That girl would be laid back and chill when we chill because she realizes life is too short to spend the whole day worrying about what she has to do next.
She could massage away my stress and tell me things to ease my mind.
She could make me laugh and be goofy with me. The only thing on her agenda would be to ensure I have fun and a good time.

I want to know, are you her?

She would surprise me with little things from time to time just to let me know she cares.
She would value material things only if there was love behind it.
When she hugs me goodbye she wouldn't want to let go.

I want to know, are you her?

When it came to cuddling, she would know it's my favorite.
When it came to going out or staying in, she would be first more concerned with what I felt like doing.
When it came to my family, she would try to make them her family.

I want to know, are you her?

The very same girl would have friends that are just like her.
They would make me feel welcome into their circle and we would all instantly click.
Even if I told the stupidest or corniest joke, they would still laugh.
Making me feel comfortable is their number one mission.

I want to know, are you her?

She wouldn't split if the rent got paid late.
She wouldn't split if I couldn't always pay for a date.
She wouldn't hate if I put on a little weight.

I want to know, are you her?

This girl I'm looking for wouldn't have to be the brightest or the most driven to make the most money or have the most lavish items.
She's comfortable with what she has even if it isn't a whole lot.
She wouldn't have to worry about how much she works or has to commit to her priorities.
She would just know that the time we spend together, no matter for how long or how short is the most special time and the moment she always looks forward to.

I want to know, are you her?

Can you say yes?
I want to know, have you seen that girl?
Is she still around; does she still exist? If so, point her out.
And just to let you know, if you were wondering the same things…

I am him.


When you lock up a bird with a song in a cage, he sings all day
But when you let him free, he soon forgets
He can't tap into his mind to find what his inner design
Would pine for him to decide, just for now or perhaps another time
What were the chords, what were the lyrics?
Yet innate within his spirit, it's still there, he can feel it
Sure, he can feel it
Or maybe the bird would like to sing while free, but can't
For the distraction that comes with all the polution or smog
Can't be right for his health, but he chirps amongst catastrophe
But, all the same, are we better living free and sad, or
Happy and contained
One would question if the bird has a scarred wing from past collison
Or something that would cause some type of brutal incision
Some kind of surgery was underwent to remove his vocality
To salvage the possibility for a new home to call
Truly the confused fella would like to come inside at last
He tries to break through the window, but can't get past the glass
And when his face smacks the surface, he tends to realize
That the beautiful ballad he had to sing, was 'taps' in disguise
And before he can scurry off, the security system has been set off
Though the homeowner comes to think it's another false alarm
Because it usually goes off when the birds get about that close
They barely make a click sound, but it resonates the household
Then they feel ridiculous, like 'I allowed them to build their nest
To get to me this easily, this is making me depressed
The bird saw something inside that he valued a lot
But the restriction he felt put a tear in the plot
He thought he knew what to do, but now lost for answers
The change in the air patterns suggests to fly away
But who knows, maybe just maybe he would prefer to stay
That is, if the atmosphere makes it suitable for singing
On the other hand, maybe he should fly to new beginings
No matter the outcome, this be known
As the saying goes, where you lay your hat is your home