*Selected to be published in Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine: April 2010

Mechanical machines mutilating mental matter
Frivolously detonating our accepted social structure
From no-fi to wi-fi we promote the battle cry
We don't bleed blood, we leak oil when we rupture
Highly ironic, we dissolve as we evolve
Intentions were to reduce distance to increase us
Technologically speaking, communication needs tweaking
Can't boot me up, my 'battery' fully consumed
Is T9 the crime, was a roam charge our fate
You stare at a text while I stare at this empty plate
Signaling simple sympathy showing SMS significance
Forget overages, your apathy, I'm so over it
Your BlackBerry is a vulture feasting your dead end mind
Close your mouth darling, need only use your thumbs
Even if your speech at loss you can still get a point across
Most lame, the way you type on AIM not quite the same
As how you are in person, we must develop your offline self
Without World Wide Web wealth we weep withered wishes
Please notify my operator if you wish not see me later
I seek healthy relationship, sorry there's no app for that