Water Damage

A collection of negatives rest on my chest
Development all perpetuated from the dark room in my mind
3:30 AM --
Gasping for oxygen, with sweat prevalent as the same 'air' that caused my suffocation
Looking around helpless, no exclamations? only questions!
No theories, no law of physics, no casual beliefs
Only thieves, constructing derailing visions of demonic view
I lean up to write, must announce this, for the love of
GOD must reprieve what has challenged my prosperity
Another dream, unnecessary shadows bind no hallow
Review shallow my ability to salvage us, lost virtue
Who goes there? Pitch black passages lack implication
Let it be known, I wanted to know much better than lust
This pen, writes invisibly, small absent words
It can't produce, what I woke up to say, my tongue detached
Just feelings. All reminds me those temptations of sins
The lines we tried to stay within, disappear no Venn
No similarities, but now resplendently, imagery vivid
It's pretty, you're pretty, the calm of this storm
Times of when we first met, first kisses, spirits abound
The ink becomes rich, illuminated thoughts pour grace
Perplexed soul sedated, thinking undeniably clear
I breathe deep, against all will, this INK it spills..

Will I ever be the same?

It's best I tell you now, so you can finally know
I loved you so much I had to learn to let you go
Had to pray to get you gone, think of us as otherwise
[AHEM] my mind had been force-fed too many lies
Never wanted to, but with honor, what you needed
No use for retrial, my case already pleaded
We accept it's OK when things aren't meant to be
Amidst chemistry, caring infinitely, our tape spliced pretendedly
You don't have to know about the span of time I suffered
Loss of weight, lack of sleep, many talks with my mother
All you have to do is shake your head and understand
I was your man once; learned plenty who I am
And more of where I'll be, coming along just fine
I've been moved on, but your lovely smile reminds
Sometimes, you come to speak to me at night, we make memories
From events that never happened, it's caught on film
These photos don't capture pain that should have passed the print but
Events when we should have laughed, dissipating the overcast
No doubt, regret impales, but we learn from life's casualties
Will better appreciate the next
Love, I wish you all the best