Fallen Soldier

Woke up early this morning, heard the news
Shocking story, the whole town catching the blues
On the phone I heard your name, I'm realizing
Mortality is real, this kind of loss, is hard to stomach
Tears in my eyes, knowing I need to leave
Have to walk the pain off, damn, I'm so damn mad
At this world, relentless cussing, psycho attack
Haunting images reenact your death, but why 
Memories of you and I, cycle my mind
Trying to ease the pain, but emotions apprehend
Why did an early exit have to be your ending?
Desperately trying to calm my nerves down
While the sense of your absence is still around
In your words I found strength, no denying
Even though at times I did not understand you
No one is perfect, but no one deserves this
Releasing my anger as I clench my fist
Why are earthly treasures the first to flee
I'll never forget our very best moments
How are we going to deal without you having our backs
God why is it You can't let him come back
I guess you want all of us to keep composure 
So I'll pray the Lord for you, our fallen soldier
Forever remembered, always missed
I wish I could have prevented this somehow
But I trust in God you’re in a much better place