Rain Speaks Of Anvils

Cloaked in new light this morn
Neglected voice of wisdom: worn skin must shed
Feel the chisel dig at side, the etch of living breath
Taking unfamiliar corners, warmth of unchartered sound
Choice to born the mind that embraces transition
Doubting any philosophies of regress apply here
As a milestone for most, toasting such boastful growth
No novice they'll notice, noted joyous above prone, now
Rightfully these confident words he'll speak
They can say they knew him back when he was nowhere near his peak
Few of those can climb far enough to be where
This man plans to trek he will trust, less beware
Looking for the face believing no intention unjust
With a painting of smiles, other side provides his prize
There comes a time when lad wishes to cast his anchor
No longer one thing to every, but everything to one
All things point to a rare nest of benevolence
Waiting patiently to find an object so inspiring
Beauty, personality.. a caring soul
Positive energy, lovely, the respect for most
The definitive of never wanting to leave their side
For her, eventually, his sole purpose due
And winding up with more than she dream of true
An altered being of heart seeks to capture her spirit
Emotions surmount control reaching to hold hands
Perfect course shall bypass lost trail over sturdy bridge
Struck like awakened fate, rain speaks of anvils
Stained with indelible marks, a child has arrived

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