Paradigm Shift


These are the things I think of at the thought of your death
Holding my head up higher than confident skyscrapers
Responsibility, the new modifier
Noble health: my new moniker

You're the shadiest adversary never asked for
But since you live I shall not fear your imprisonment
Beating you unmercifully a famed conclusion
This disease has long overstayed its welcome
It is late; my children need me to tuck them in bed
My residence in dismay
Why oh why do you refuse to dissolve on your own?
Diffuse to systemic ranks with a heartless cascade
Epidemic the rampant outcome of not keeping you encased

Open this heart up to paradigm shift
Allow my education to triumph with stoic strength
Uplift the lost, create sight for the blind
Berate skeptics, insinerate obstacles
Rewrite the hated chapters
A story in the making must be told one day
Obsessed with the notion of not growing old and weary
Rebuilding young minds to enrich life spans
If man can see, man can touch
Physically I'm weak but my soul spans miles
Many will seek the tainted hill with painted green grass
A flock elects a shepherd who orchestrates trust
Speak wisdom so my naked seeds can sprout in fertile soil
With sickness deflamed, we shape-shift into marvels

The cure reformatted.

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