Dedicated to Matt Dade (thanks for the idea man).

The investments we hand over for the results disproportionately secured
Movements expended while we search for more green peace signs
Alas, the war is not with politics, but
More so for a resolve with these relentless hunger pains
Not vanishing until we live the dream
Corporate's big machine works but our inner-workings dwindle like a campfire
Inevitable disheartening is the kerosene for what is slightly not seen
The journey starts with one step and
As many strides that are necessary, we'll wear ourselves out
Breathe. Check pulse.. Now let's get back to this money
Let's walk haphazardly for the diminishing goal that disappears and reappears
Apparitions, suspense for where our next "meal" is
Our new hunger erupts for the progression of appeal
But really, can we ever sate a figure that bill-ds (builds)?
Cash registers open, give me all that you got
Employees are the ones getting robbed here
Stacks and stacks of 'notes' all end with 'I love you'
But the sorriest hug in the world is the one you don't get back
All we want is the nod we are irreplaceable
All we want is the acknowledgment that our sweat equals measure
All we want, is knowing we're accounted for

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  1. this is a good one here man-that's what i'm talken about...