The Compass

Dedicated to Lauren and Haley Lomax

As nameless spirits we wander
Aimless but handling inexplicably strong will
Pride presents us with continuous motion, albeit
Wrongly accused because we choose to keep our heads held high
"Life's troubles -- what exactly you know about that?"
Often proceeded with the notion that we have it all
Pointing back: one operation could have erased any trace
I was that man's seed, but Daddy was my builder
Financial flaws caused us to pause, observe, genuinely learn..
Money is the least valuable gift up for trade with each other
Conscious stretching for outward extension uplifts
Your enemies.. love them, appreciate them
Give them purpose beyond their impoverished assumptions
What was written sketches direction and a whim to work with
Conflicting pains: inevitably approaching change
We enter each new scene with a face of despair
Hoping that someone else will provide our next route
But no matter the road traveled, doubt unravels
In time it's understood. You're doing you
Any fatal position has an off switch that dreams can locate
Ascents can glide over valleys if you trust your wings
In sickness or in health, poverty or in wealth
Keep your ear to the pavement; ask the stars for advice
Armored with eagle-eye intention or burdened in dismay
May you always find your way

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